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The board may enter into written contracts with classified employees employed on a regular basis.  The contract will state the terms of employment.


Each contract shall include a thirty-day cancellation clause.  Either the employee or the board must give notice of the intent to cancel the contract at the end of thirty days.  This notice will not be required when the employee is terminated during a probationary period or without cause.


Classified employees shall receive a job description stating the specific performance responsibilities of their position.


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to draw up and process the classified employee contracts and present them to the board for approval.  The contracts, after being signed by the board president, shall be filed with the board secretary.








Legal Reference:      

Iowa Code ßß 20; 279.7A; 285.5(9) (2003).


Cross Reference:                                 

411      Classified Employees - General

412.1  Classified Employee Compensation

412.2  Classified Employee Wage and Overtime Compensation

413     Classified Employee Termination of Employment










Approved   12/9/96                 Reviewed  6/2017                  Revised