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A board policy manual shall be housed  in each school attendance  center and in the central administration office all school policies are available to the public online at the districts website.   Persons  wishing  to review the board policy manual  shall contact the board secretary,  who shall have a board policy manual available for public inspection.

It shall be the responsibility  of the board secretary  to ensure copies of new and revised policy statements are distributed  to the custodians  of board policy manuals  no later than the first regular  board meeting following  the policy's  adoption.   Copies  of changes  in board policy shall also be included in or attached  to the minutes  of the meetings  in which the final action was taken to adopt the new or changed  policy.


Legal Reference:           

     Iowa Code ßß 277.31;  279.8 (1995).

     281 I.A.C. 12.3(2).


Cross Reference:           

     200.3  Responsibilities  of the Board of Directors

     209      Board of Directors'  Management  Procedure



Approved:  10/14/96                                         Reviewed:      9/18/2017                                               Revised: