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Public hearings  may be held on school district matters  at the discretion  of the board.   Public notice of a public hearing  shall be in the same manner  as for a board meeting  except that the notice shall be given at least ten days before the hearing  is to be held unless it is impossible  or impractical  to do so.

At public hearings,  citizens  of the district who register  at the door will be allowed  to speak on the issue for which the public hearing  is being held.  Others may be allowed  to speak at the board's discretion. Speakers  are asked to keep their remarks  as brief as possible.   Prior to the beginning  of the hearing, speakers  and spectators  will be apprised  of the rules of order to be followed  regarding  time limitations, questions,  remarks  and rebuttals.   In no event will a speaker  be allowed  to take the time of another speaker.

The board shall conduct  public hearings  in an orderly  fashion.   At the beginning  of the hearing, statements,  background  materials  and public hearing rules and procedures  will be presented  by the board president.   The board president  will recognize  the speakers.   A board member  may ask questions  of the speakers  after receiving  permission  from the board  president.   Only those speakers  recognized  by the chair will be allowed  to speak.   Comments  by others  are out of order.   Individuals  who interfere  with or

interrupt  speakers,  the board or the proceedings  shall be asked to leav


Legal Reference:           

     Iowa Code ßß 24.9; 279.8; 297.22  (1995).


Cross Reference:                       

     210      Board of Directors'  Meetings

     213      Public Participation  in Board  Meetings

     703.1   Budget Planning


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