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The specific  purpose  of each ad hoc committee  varies.   Generally,  the primary  function  of an ad hoc committee  is to give specific  advice and suggestions.   The advice and suggestions  should  focus on the purpose  and duties stated in the board resolution  establishing  the committee.   It is the board's role to take action based on information  received  from the ad hoc committee  and other sources.   Ad hoc committees may be subject to the open meetings  law.

Role of an Ad Hoc Committee  Member

The primary  role of an ad hoc committee  member  is to be a productive,  positive  member  of the committee.   In doing so, it is important  to listen to and respect the opinions  of others.  When the ad hoc committee  makes a recommendation   to the board, it is important  for the ad hoc committee  members  to support the majority  decision  of the ad hoc committee.   An ad hoc committee  will function  best when its members  work within the committee  framework  and bring items of business  to the ad hoc committee.

Ad Hoc Committee  Membership

Ad hoc committee  members  may be appointed  by the board.  The board may request  input from individuals or organizations,  or it may seek volunteers  to serve.  Only the board or superintendent  has the authority  to appoint members  to an ad hoc committee.   Boards  must follow the legal limitations  or requirements  regarding  the membership  of an ad hoc committee.


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