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When an employee becomes seriously injured on the job, the building principal shall notify a member of the family, or an individual of close relationship, as soon as the building principal becomes aware of the injury.

If possible, an employee may administer emergency or minor first aid.  An injured employee shall be turned over to the care of the employee's family or qualified medical employees as quickly as possible.  The school district is not responsible for medical treatment of an injured employee.

It shall be the responsibility of the employee injured on the job to inform the superintendent within twenty-four hours of the occurrence.  It shall be the responsibility of the employee's immediate supervisor to file an accident report within twenty-four hours after the employee reported the injury.

It shall be the responsibility of the employee to file claims, such as workers' compensation, through the board secretary.




Legal Reference:      

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Cross Reference:      

     403    Employees' Health and Well-Being

     409.2  Licensed Employee Personal Illness Leave

     414.2  Classified Employee Personal Illness Leave


Approved:         12/9/96                                                        Reviewed:   6/12/2017                                                     Revised:  12/8/14