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Students utilizing school transportation shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner fitting to their age level and maturity with mutual respect and consideration for the rights of the school vehicle driver and the other passengers. Students who fail to behave in an orderly manner will be subject to disciplinary measures.

The driver shall have the authority to maintain order on the school vehicle. It shall be the responsibility of the driver to report misconduct to the building administrator, who shall discipline the student in accordance with procedures developed by the superintendent and approved by the Board.

The board supports the use of video cameras on school buses used for transportation to and from school as well as for field trips, curricular or extracurricular events. The video cameras will be used to monitor student behavior and may be used as evidence in a student disciplinary proceeding. The videotapes are student records subject to school district confidentiality, board policy, and administrative regulations.

Those students guilty of flagrant, repeated, or gross disobedience or misconduct on school buses are subject to suspension, within the guidelines of the district's Student Suspension Policy, Code No. 502.2. Continued violation of bus rules will be considered sufficient cause for refusing to transport the student(s) involved, and may lead to suspension from school, depending upon the seriousness of the matter.

After one warning (pending the seriousness of the misconduct) for bad conduct, the building principal shall have the authority to suspend transportation privileges of the student or impose other appropriate discipline.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the building principal, to develop administrative regulations regarding student conduct and discipline when utilizing school district transportation.


Legal Reference :  

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Cross Reference: 

     503 Student Discipline

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Date of Approval:  December 10, 1990            Date of Review:  7/11/11                      Date of Revision:  August 14, 1995