Whenever  the board deems it necessary,  the board may appoint a committee  of composed  of citizens, staff or students  to assist the board.  Committees  formed by the board shall be ad hoc committees.

An ad hoc committee  is formed by board resolution  which shall outline the duties and purpose  of the committee.   The committee  is advisory  in nature and has no duty or responsibility  other than that specifically  stated in the board resolution.   The committee  shall automatically  dissolve  upon the delivery  of its final recommendation   to the board or upon completion  of the duties outlined  in the board resolution.

The board will receive  the report of the committee  for consideration.   The board retains the authority  to make a final decision  on the issue.  The committee  will be subject to the open meetings  law if the committee  is established  by statute or if the committee  makes policy recommendations   and is established by or approved  by the board.

The method  for selection  of committee  members  shall be stated in the board resolution.   When possible, and when the necessary  expertise  required  allows, the committee  members  will be representative  of the school district community  and shall consider  the various viewpoints  on the issue.  The board may designate  a board member  and the superintendent  to serve on an ad hoc committee.   The committee  will select its own chairperson,  unless the board designates  otherwise.


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     212      Closed  Sessions

     215      Board of Directors'  Records

     605.1   Instructional  Materials  Selection

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The Board may determine from time to time that Board committees may be required to assist the Board in its discharge of duties.  In addition to any legally required committees, the Board may appoint standing committees with specific charges.  In no case shall a committee constitute a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Reports of Board committees shall be circulated in advance through the Superintendent's office, except in an emergency or as directed by the Board or President of the Board.


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The specific  purpose  of each ad hoc committee  varies.   Generally,  the primary  function  of an ad hoc committee  is to give specific  advice and suggestions.   The advice and suggestions  should  focus on the purpose  and duties stated in the board resolution  establishing  the committee.   It is the board's role to take action based on information  received  from the ad hoc committee  and other sources.   Ad hoc committees may be subject to the open meetings  law.

Role of an Ad Hoc Committee  Member

The primary  role of an ad hoc committee  member  is to be a productive,  positive  member  of the committee.   In doing so, it is important  to listen to and respect the opinions  of others.  When the ad hoc committee  makes a recommendation   to the board, it is important  for the ad hoc committee  members  to support the majority  decision  of the ad hoc committee.   An ad hoc committee  will function  best when its members  work within the committee  framework  and bring items of business  to the ad hoc committee.

Ad Hoc Committee  Membership

Ad hoc committee  members  may be appointed  by the board.  The board may request  input from individuals or organizations,  or it may seek volunteers  to serve.  Only the board or superintendent  has the authority  to appoint members  to an ad hoc committee.   Boards  must follow the legal limitations  or requirements  regarding  the membership  of an ad hoc committee.


                     Approved:  10/14/1996                            Reviewed:      9/18/2017                                     Revised: